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This is a reliable and affordable parental control software that is able to view transcripts of sent and received emails.

Keep an Eye on Your People with This Desktop Spy

You can also have a look at messaging conversations and activity on social media. Even if this program may seem a bit challenging to download and set, once you get the hang of things, it will be a piece of cake to use it. You can adjust filter settings and view activity reports according to your preferences. You will also be able to set the software to monitor activity only at certain times.

This program comes with various reporting capabilities including reports delivered via email and remote reporting.

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Activity logs including screenshots can be filtered based on elements such as specific websites, time of day, restricted access attempts and also keystrokes. You will be able to download any reports and then save it to your system for later study. Get now SpyAgent from the official site. Take a look at its key features: Once you begin using this tool, you will see that it comes with a user-friendly interface. SurveilStar offers you complete support for monitoring all employees in your company anytime and from anywhere.

This software uses a smart approach to detect insider threats and to investigate employees and maximize the overall business productivity. Some of its most exciting functionalities include screen playback, monitoring website browsing, chat and instant messages, emails, bandwidth and network use, device usage, file printing, computer maintenance and many more.

Installing this software is really easy even for users who have not used such a tool before.

SpyDetectFree – 100% Free Spyware Detector

Take a look at the key features that are included in this software for monitoring activity on a system: This tool is easy to install and use even if you are not an expert in using this kind of software. After you install the program, you will get the chance to view the live screen and browse the file system from anywhere and anytime you want to.

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You will get an online control panel to view the logs. You can easily check out social media activities and filter websites , and chat messengers. This software gives you the chance to block websites, social networks, chat, and apps and send commands to the remote system.

Best Spy Software for Computer & Mobile Phone Monitoring

This tool comes with a lot of useful and interesting features for monitoring devices, so check out a few of the key advantages of using it: The program has a lot of features for tracking, spying, remote monitoring, spy chat and remote control. You will be able to keep an eye on your employees or kids without them knowing it.

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TheOneSpy allows you to monitor and listen to live surroundings because you can remotely activate the cell phone microphone. You can also listen to cell phone conversations online. This tool offers you the ability of remotely live screen sharing and view live visuals by using the spy camera app. This is an excellent cell phone monitoring and computer spy software that you can hide on the devices without leaving any noticeable track. Round-The-Clock live support in case you have any questions.

Permanently delete your data at any time.

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Undetectable on their phone, don't get caught! Listen to Phone Calls.

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